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Titanium Strategies exists to serve privately held companies and owner-executives through changes in ownership. We do this by working through a proven and respectful process that produces a high success rate.

Founder Buyout

Whether it is rising-star management wanting to buy out a long-term majority shareholder, or a company founder/long-term majority owner wanting to retire or plan for retirement, to coach a management team or an executive through this process requires a rare combination of qualities.

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Giving Up My Baby

How fulfilling to have proper discernment of when to press in and when to pull back, navigating the emotional, almost-parental tie that a long-term owner has to his or her company, and facing the daunting task of having a proper valuation, selling out, passing the care of my “baby” to a new owner.

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Preserve WBE HUB Status

Peace of mind comes from experience in preserving the disadvantaged business certification as we go through ownership change, even when the female owner of a WBE is changing out. Experienced with knowing the rules of WBE and HUB, Titanium works delicately with a certifying organization to keep the valuable certification in tact, during and after the transaction.

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