Bob Williaford

President, Titanium Strategies, LLC, also Certified Exit Planning Advisor

From helping business owners going through change to bringing in a new partner or buying out an existing partner, Bob Williaford and Titanium Strategies are Certified Exit Planning Advisors. “What a wonderful challenge,” Williaford states, “of working through difficult issues, being analytical at times, pastoral at others, and having a firm resolve to see it to a finish.”

Williaford once had a fellow 50% equity partner in a company where his partner needed to leave due to poor life choices, but did not want to go. In the end, the problem shareholder sold his interests and left on good terms. After this experience, Williaford repeatedly became introduced as a business owner who knew how to buy out partners. For instance, Williaford negotiated out a 50% shareholder of an Internet Marketing company when the owner began to display damaging behavior.

When an IT company had a 50% owner who was convicted of a felony, Williaford assisted his business partner in separating himself from the problem felon. Williaford also provided his services after a president of a company with no buy-sell agreement resigned and needed to have his shares bought back. As Williaford himself has bought into several companies and has been bought out of others, he possesses a unique knowledge and understanding of both sides of the table.

Working with Williaford are other long-standing, trusted members of his team. These members bring financial and legal expertise, all with a strong need to operate according to biblical principles.

“It is so satisfying,” Williaford reflects, “to help business founders and executive teams grow their company to become more valuable, and to be ready to transition to new ownership. I am one who has walked in their shoes.”